Military Appreciation App
Military Appreciation App

Serving our service men and women all along the Gulf Coast

There are many great LOCAL businesses who offer discounts to Veterans and Military Personnel.

The problem is that most of these discounts are NOT clearly POSTED and unless service members ask........

they may never receive the discount.

What if there were a FREE mobile application that categorically listed all of the LOCAL discounts available in your area for service men and women right on their phone? FREE TO ALL VETERANS AND MILITARY PERSONNEL

If your business is military friendly, please BECOME A MEMBER NOW.

If you are a LOCAL business owner who supports the military and would like to increase your exposure to Veterans and Military Personnel, then become a member and register your business for FREE at VETERANSandMILITARY.COM

Why Offer a Military Discount?

1) Military personnel look for businesses that offer discounts
2) LOYALTY...Military personnel support those businesses that support them
3) Word of mouth from service members to other service members regarding discounts
4) There are over 8.2 million consumers in the military market
5) Purchasing power of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from over 30 million military, veterans, and spouses
6) Because your business is recognized as military supportive, the impression of your brand increases with non-military consumers
7) GOODWILL.....Helping Veterans and Military Personnel makes for a stronger community.


Want to increase your business? Simple, offer a military discount or any special
Don't offer a Military special or discount......CREATE ONE!!
Most businesses, unless prohibited by law,can offer one of the following:
A percentage off your goods or services
A daily, weekly, monthly special on a Military Holiday such as Veteran's Day, Memorial Day or Military Appreciation Month (May)
VA loan, Military loans, FREE checking, or special rates for Veterans or Military
Who is the MAA?
We are a coalition of over 100 Veterans, Military, Civilians and LOCAL business owners dedicated to identifying Military Friendly businesses in Northwest Florida. The new Military Appreciation App (MAA) is a directory of those businesses. The MAA is FREE and will be marketed to 7 military bases in Northwest Florida and over 300,000 area Veterans and Military personnel
"We Support Those Who Support U.S."